Unlock the full potential of your brain

The first station in the world combining virtual reality and brain training to enhance body and cerebral performances


Improving cognitive functions through virtual reality

Reflex-ON® is the first machine that offers personalized and evolutive brain training sessions in an immersive environment. It stimulates and improves most cognitive functions

Benefits of a better memory

  • Understand complex topics
  • Store new information

Benefits of a strengthened attention

  • Concentration & multitasking
  • Higher focus in a noisy environment

Benefits of a strengthened logic

  • Improved analysis
  • Solving complex exercises

Benefits of greater agility

  • Flexible thinking
  • Prompt reactions

Training with Reflex-ON® benefits to everyone regardless of age, gender or occupation.

Offers a simple, effective concept

  • Multilingual
  • Accessible to all
  • Autonomous


More than just a machine… a whole concept

  • A series of marketing deliverables specially designed to support the launch of Reflex-ON® in your center
  • Continuous training for your staff
  • The training experiences are adapted and personalized for each user
  • Technical assistance

Virtual Reality


Reflex-On® Connect

  • User-friendly app
  • Scan the QR code, follow the instructions and off you go!

Personalised and progressive trainings

  • Only 10 min per session
  • Fun, entertaining, measurable and effective
  • Improvement of the cognitive functions

A step towards a healthier lifestyle

The station fits naturally into the environment of the health and physical activity centers. Henceforth, brain training becomes as unavoidable as physical training.

Research shows that exercising the brain regularly improves daily life.

Introducing Reflex-ON® at

Neuron Academy International is in partnership with EuropeActive and Human Wave

Interested by Reflex-ON® coming to your door?

What they say

… I find it great that the manager of the club invested in this kind of innovative machine…. While aging is inevitable, I can now maintain and even improve my brain power through simple brain exercises proposed by the machine. … I have started a few months ago, and I am feeling already a difference.
Member of the health club – Agnes V.
We are adding a new dimension to what we can offer our customers. Brain training is now an integrated part of a standard physical training session. A session with the machine is a fun and useful break … Before, during or after a physical workout …
Gym manager – Hélène B.
Thanks to Reflex-ON® we have a new concept to present to our members. That really brings another dimension to the center, more relevant, innovative and diversified.
Owner of a health club – Stéphane P.

What the Press says

It’s amazing how the brain adapts so quickly to the instructions on the screen … which makes me aware of the potential that the brain achieves without realising it.

“Lucie Hage from Metro”